Kamren Scott


StudyPods is a cloud storage and collaboration website for college students.

Web & Print Design
Front-End Development

I worked directly with the CEO and CTO to create the StudyPods marketing and product strategies.

Product Work

  • Worked with the engineering team to create the product roadmap and ensure it aligned with investor and marketing goals
  • Designed complex user interfaces for features including file storage, meeting calendar, direct messaging, shared tasks, and account management pages.
  • Completed incentivized user testing focus groups with local college students to test UI/UX.

Marketing Work

  • Designed the StudyPods brand and logo, which is a registered trademark
  • Spearheaded the development of the StudyPods marketing plan, which included multi-channel marketing campaigns as well as budgeting and timeline projections
    • Developed bulk email campaigns to half a million college students at Texas universities with an average click rate of 2.8%
    • Ran digital and print ad campaigns targeting colleges and universities
    • Designed, managed and regularly contributed content to the StudyPods blog, which averaged 5,000 monthly readers
    • Designed promotional branding items for community and campus events such as shirts, postcards, flyers, banners and even a photo booth
    • Led the data-driven social media strategy.
    • Monitored analytics for the product and marketing channels and reported quarterly KPI updates to investors
    • Implemented SEO tactics that increased the pages indexed by search engines and raised our domain authority
    • Wrote product press releases to communicate new releases to national education and technology media outlets